Auto Dealer Monthly Mentoring

Accelerate Your Auto Business To 6 Figures


Does this Sound like you?

  • Are you struggling with knowing what to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd to buy and sell a vehicle?
  • Do you have big dreams for your business but don't know where to start?
  • Are you overwhelmed as to how to setup your business to be profitable?
  • Are you unsure what kind of cars to buy?
  • Do you want to know how to make sure you profit in your first 30 days in business?

Accel your dealership to be SYSTEMATICALLY profitable, stable, fun to manage and create consistent income.The Auto Dealer Mentoring Subscription is a monthly mentoring program. Each month, you choose what you want to study.


Here's What You'll Learn

By joining the Auto Dealer ACCELERATOR Program, you'll get a complete A-Z blueprint to structure your dealership to grow and prosper with ease and wealth. It's the first of its kind that gives you the full strategy... so no matter what your level of expertise is, you can bet you'll find success.


FOR YOUR INVESTMENT... you get years of experience.  This is the short-cut to success...working with a Mentor. You won't have to make the same or as many mistakes. You will move straight to profit with far fewer setbacks than those without a mentor. You choose where you want to start!

Automate the Foundation

Business Setup

*Inventory Management System - System to track what you buy and what you spend to sell each vehicle
*Accounting Process - Process to manage money and automate it
*Customer Service Procedures - strategies to make customers happy and be profitable
*Compliance Process - system to keep your business safe and legal
*Lead Generation - system to bring more people and money to your business
*HR Procedures - process to take care of staff including yourself
*Dealer Management Software
*Budget (how to manage your money)
*Best Strategies for Floor Plan Usage

Master Your Product

Basic Dealer Mechanics 

*The Cars you should buy (cash cars, finance cars, etc)

*Uncovering hidden issues with Vehicles
*How to inspect engine, transmission, heating & cooling for reliability
*Everything to Setup BEFORE you go to the auction to inspect vehicles

*Calculating Repair Budget

Auction Wins

Winning at the Dealer Only Auction Game

*Inspecting Cars at the Auction
*How to Win Bids
*How to Avoid Lemons
*How to read engine codes & know what to buy
*Audio of Auctioneer to help you win more bids

*How to sell cars back you purchased from the auction.

*How to return cars to the auction

Quick & Inexpensive Repairs

Lower Repair Costs

*What repairs to make
*Where to buy inexpensive parts
*How to find the best mechanic for the job
*How to recondition the inside to attract a quick sale

Quick Sale Online Marketing

Sell Quickly 1 day to 1 week

*How to write the sales description
*Where to post
*How to handle texts and calls
*How to negotiate to protect your profit
*What to do on the test drive to make the sale
*How to complete the sale with paperwork, registrations, etc.
*How to keep yourself safe 
*Setting Up & Maximizing your Website, Social Media and Advertising

More Revenue

Implement Multiple Revenue Streams

*The system to wholesale vehicles for high profit
*The System to Finance Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) vehicles
*The Process to buy and sell Salvage vehicles
*The system to Auto Broker vehicles 
*Financing (Funding Packages) & Warranties

The Experience and Mentoring to a Successful Auto Sales Business

Practical Solutions, Profitable Strategies, Mindset Changing Psychology & Wealth Building Support Structure your Business for Ease, Profit &Long-standing Success


*Gain confidence in the system of buying and selling vehicles
*Mentoring to be a successful auto dealer
*A shortened learning curve
*A solid used car business plan
*A long-term business relationship
*Put on a path to generational wealth


*Money sucking mistakes
*Nightmare customer service issues
*Stressful Compliance fails
*Working too much for too little


* Increased confidence
*Private Facebook group focused on the program
*1 live call session monthly for Question & Answer

After the Program...

*A network of Auto Dealers to further your business
*Lifetime access in the Auto Dealer Business School

SUPPORT... You are never alone and will never be alone while growing your business to 6 figures


*At least 5 hours each and every week (8 hours during auction weeks)
*Follow the Steps
*Communicate any and all challenges and frustrations


You can commit as much time as you deem necessary to reach your goals. The Program requires a minimum of 8 hours a week with 4 hours between 9-5 Monday - Friday to attend the Dealer Auction.


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Auto Dealer Accelerator Program, the complete A-Z blueprint to re-structure your dealership to grow and prosper with ease and wealth.