Have your first car sold in the next 90 days and make $1,000s in profit!

Have you considered selling used cars? 

Is it something you dream about? 

Have you seen those dealer tags on luxury cars driving around town and wonder how they do it?

These are used car dealers. Used car dealers get the benefit of owning luxury vehicles and, in many cases, as a tax write-offs.

The problem is getting a retail used car license can be a pain. You have to get bonded and insured, and get a brick-and-mortar location among just a few of the requirements.

To make matters worse, you have to get it done quickly to avoid wasting money.

But now, there is an easy solution, Drama Free Licensing.

With Drama Free Licensing, you will go from not having a retail dealer license to making money in your own dealership or as an auto broker in a few short months. 

Drama Free Licensing® Is...


A Step by Step Course to Quickly get a Retail Used Car Dealer License in 30 DAYS in ANY STATE*

Get your application approved THE FIRST TIME!

Save time, money and stress with these insider secrets.

I'm Ready!
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Are you ready to make lots of money selling cars and
growing your own auto sales business?


The first step is to get your retail dealer license so you can buy cars from the dealer-only auctions at a fraction of the cost.

Top Reasons to get a retail dealer’s license …

  • To maximize the profits in your Turo rental business
  • To monetize a commercial real estate investment
  • To sell a product in constant demand
  • To add a revenue stream to your auto repair business
  • To stop working for a dealership selling cars and start your own
  • Offer friends and family cars at great prices
  • Drive any car you want, sell it for a profit and buy another dream car
  • To stop hustling flipping cars and build a business with a system to work less

In the Drama Free Licensing® program, I am mentoring CEOs like you to get licensed fast without setbacks!


I am a licensed dealer and founder of the Auto Dealer Business school. Every day we help dealers across the country build better dealerships.

Pictured is me with just a few auto dealers I have worked with over the years.

The first time I tried to get my dealer license in 2012, it was a disaster.  It took me over 6 months and I wasted THOUSANDS of dollars because I didn't understand the process. After spending so much money, I didn't have enough to buy the inventory I needed to launch the business. It was super stressful.

After that experience, I was determined to make sure no one else had to go through what I went through to become a dealer. That's why we're here to support you in protecting your start-up cash and to provide you the resources you need to successfully navigate the licensing process in just 30 DAYS.


This program is made for you!

Regardless of if you have already started the licensing process or are just starting to get information, this program is designed for your needs.

The Drama Free Licensing® program will help you get started or unstuck in the licensing process.

I'm Ready

Brand New First Timer

You want to get licensed and start off right. You have researched and now have decided to apply for your retail used car dealer license with help from a mentor.

Started and Stuck

You are lost in the licensing process somewhere and you don't know where to go from here to either get an approved license or start buying and selling cars. Meanwhile, you are wasting money and you want help from a mentor to move forward.

Wholesale to Retail

You want to change your license type from a wholesale license to a retail license so you can sell cars to the public including family and friends.

Renewal Uncertainty

It's time to renew your dealer license and you don't know what to do. 









What is the process?

To get licensed, you have to go through a 3 phase process that is slightly different in every state.

The Drama Free Licensing® program provides you a step-by-step guide to move through those phases in just 30 days.

Set up Your Business

  • Incorporate your LLC or INC
  • Apply for EIN and DUNS
  • Establish Business Credit
  • Reserve your website domain & Set up a business email
  • List your new business online

Submit Your Application

  • Locate the best insurance rates for bond and garage liability
  • Find a Startup location with approved zoning
  • Secure Sales Tax Number
  • Register for Fingerprints and submit Court disposition documents (if applicable)


Prep for Purchase & Sales

  • Secure Business License
  • Complete Dealer Registration
  • Get Dealer Tags/Plate
  • Register for the auctions
  • Setup ELT/ETR System
  • Training to Complete Titles and Print Registrations

To ensure you reach your goal, you also get...

  • A live group Q&A about Funding, Budget and Managing Money
  • A live group Q&A about Finding an Affordable Start-up Location
  • A live group Q&A about Buying and Selling your First Car

These are just a few of the dealerships and auto brokers we have helped get licensed 

This list includes former car flippers, franchise dealer employees, wholesale to retail dealers and people brand new to the business. The Drama Free Licensing® method has helped them all be licensed used car dealers.

Apply for your Dealer License

Drama Free Licensing® will take you through the journey from setting up your business to submitting your application to preparing to buy and sell cars.

I'm Ready to Get my License!

We show you exactly what you need to know to complete a virtually guaranteed approved application. 

95% of people complete applications and say the wrong things and immediately get denied or the application is delayed. We have done this so many times that we show you exactly what to do to virtually guarantee your approval. If you don't get approved, you don't pay. We will work with you until you do.

Get started today! Imagine 30 days from now, have your license hanging on your wall and ready to sell your first car.

 Save your seat now!

Drama FREE Licensing VIP


Top features

A personal assistant who will do the following ...

  • Business Setup including Incorporation, DBA, EIN, DUNS #
  • Branding Setup including domain name and email with company name
  • Secure Court Disposition papers if applicable
  • Shop for best Bond and Insurance Quotes
  • Find Affordable Location with proper zoning
  • Dealer Registration including Dealer Tag, Business License, and Register to Purchase at Dealer Only Auctions 

Get 90 days in the Certified Dealer Club at no additional cost!

After 90 days, the Certified Dealer Club is $295 a month if you choose to continue.


Have questions? Schedule a FREE 30 min Strategy Session


You have at least $10,000 budget to get your business started

You are ready to go but have some questions

1. Choose the best time for you

2. Answer the questions

3. At our scheduled time, you will receive a call

4. During the Call, you will get a roadmap to starting a used car sales business


Start Selling Cars Faster!

As part of my mission to help beginner auto dealers become successful CEOs, I designed Drama Free Licensing® to give you everything you need to submit a complete, correct, and approvable retail used car license application in as little as 1 month!

Get to the finish line faster with this tested & proven step-by-step licensing plan for all 50 states.

Join Drama Free Licensing® HERE!