Auto Dealer Solution to Funding, Steady Salary and Profits!


Hey Auto Dealer!

Are you licensed and looking for funding?
Do you want more inventory?
Do you need Auto Dealer education and experience?
Do you need someone in your office during office hours?

Auto Dealer Cash Flow is the program to bring auto dealers profits, and education all while increasing your salary as an auto dealer!

Benefits of Auto Dealer Cash Flow

Here are the highlights to joining Auto Dealer Cash Flow...


Instantly implement a proven program to bring guaranteed income to fund your business, to pay overhead expenses, fund inventory purchases, fund your salary and bring you peace of mind.

Increase Profits

Boost profits by boosting sales. Don't be a lone-ranger or solopreneur. Increase your business team with people driving sales!

Auto Dealer Education

Learn about different used car deals by completing sales with the apprentice. Every purchase and sale will teach you something valuable you can use to PERFECT and grow your business.

Licensed Auto Dealer ...

Boost your profits to $2,000 each and every month on AUTOPILOT while learning and earning a salary!


See what sets us apart.

The #dealercashflow program designed to help licensed auto dealers learn how to maximize this funding strategy. Over the course of a week, you will complete trainings, exercises, and be coached through the setup of this cash flow program.

Structured Study Content

Get access to a library of classes and a step-by-step guide to help you execute your new funding source.

Network of Auto Dealers

Engage with a community of licensed auto dealers all across the country in an exclusive private forum for auto dealers.

LIVE Action Sessions

Receive live mentoring during your program by an experienced auto dealer to put this program in play.

You get Classes...Documents...A Private Auto Dealer Network and MORE!!!!

You always have the option of doing it yourself. But if you want to spend the least amount of time and do the least amount of work, this program will implement your FUNDING Program for you. I have simplified the process to get you started fast.

Here's What's Included In The Dealer Cash Flow Program:

All the details necessary to setup this funding program and give you everything you need to easily manage it.

You get all the Contracts, Spreadsheets, Paperwork, etc needed to manage this funding program.

Ongoing support for 3 months inside private auto dealer forum when you join!

The welcome packet includes:

Website to Inform & Enroll apprentices (click here for sample of website), Training for Compliance & Success, Policies & Procedures, Legally Binding Contract and Onboarding Emails.




  • Everything you need to setup your cash flow program from A to Z.
  • Live Mentoring Sessions and support for 3 months
  • Contracts and Spreadsheets to stay organized and on top of your new revenue stream.
  • Website to showcase your apprentice program, accept initial startup payment and collect monthly payments automatically so you don't have to chase them. [Click here for the website sample.]
  • Apprentice Leads to get your passive income flowing quickly!
  • Peace of mind knowing you are earning while you are learning.


ONLY One-Payment of $297


"The program was a overall good experience!"

Auto Dealer

Got Questions? We Got The Answers

Licensed Dealers or those with pending license approvals.

Passive income stream for independent licensed dealers.

 It is legal to build up your dealership team to benefit your business. (The program) will help you stay in compliance with sales and paperwork. If salesman are required to get a license in your state, your apprentice will also need to get a sales licence. This fee will be covered by the apprentice.

Auto Dealer Business School will send you apprentice leads once your apprentice program is up and running when qualified apprentices are available. So many potential apprentices come to us asking to participate in a program like your new apprentice program.

To make a professional first impression on your apprentice, (the program) includes a website that allows your apprentice to get information about your program, apply and send payment as well as make monthly payments. This website explains the program and answers frequently asked questions so you don't have to.

Click here for a sample of the website.

All paperwork, spreadsheets and contracts.

Because of the limited space, there are no refunds. Therefore, be sure this is the opportunity for you before joining.

Check with your tax consultant Training programs such as (this program) can be considered a business expense and may be tax deductible.

You will need a solution to collect money online. Possible solutions are to send an electronic invoice or request a payment via a business account.

You will need to record sales and keep a minimal amount of records.

Those who should not join (this program) include:

  • No independent dealer's license.
  • Don't like working with people.
  • If you prefer to work alone.
  • If you don't want anything to do with paperwork.
  • If trusting others is extremely difficult.

Your apprentice can be managed virtually. We work with you to create a plan for your apprentice to sell vehicles while you are not at your dealership office.

It is a month to month contract. At any time you can choose not to renew with your apprentice.

  • I teach you how to setup this revenue stream and give you everything you need to easily manage it.
  • 4 detailed Lessons show you how the program works.
  • Contracts, Spreadsheets, Paperwork needed to manage Dealer Apprentice
  • Live Mentoring Sessions.
  • Ongoing support for 3 months inside private community for those in (the program).
  • Website to explain your apprentice program, accept initial startup payment and collect monthly payments automatically so you don't have to chase them. [Click here for the website sample.]
  • Apprentice Leads to get your passive income flowing quickly.

Auto Dealer Business School headquarters are in Marietta, GA. However, the lessons are delivered online via recorded and live video. The mentoring sessions are via video calls.

Shoot me an email at [email protected] - I'll answer personally!


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