6 Figure Mastermind for Auto Dealers

with Shamel Leonard

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Who is Shamel Leonard?

In 2012, Shamel Leonard became a licensed used car dealer. She has sold hundreds of vehicles and has helped new and veteran auto dealers earn collectively hundreds of thousands of dollars selling cars by automating and systemizing their auto business.

Anybody looking to up his or her auto dealer game needs systems & automation. Her quotes to live on as hard rules for creating the best life as an auto dealer:

  •  “Work smarter not harder.”
  •  “An even trade is no robbery and an even swap is no swindle.”
  •  “Do it how you want to do it even if it seems impossible.”

What is a 6 Figure Mastermind for Auto Dealers?

The 6 Figure Auto Dealer Mastermind is a training program that rapidly transforms you into a 6 figure auto dealer.

You work closely with me, your auto dealer business coach to:

1) Setup Your Business

  • License
  • Corporation Practices
  • Branding

2) Perfect Your Sales

  • Buy perfect cars for the perfect customer
  • Handle repair issues
  • Automate compliance

3) Grow Your Revenue

  • Implement Different Revenue Streams
  • Train & Hire Staff
  • Implement Marketing & Advertising Strategies

4) Retire From Your Business

  • Business Credit
  • Investments
  • Benefits such as Health & Dental

Your business should run profitably and easily without your presence. This Mastermind training is for those who want to be CEO of your dealership. In 6 months, your dream will manifest the easiest way possible.

What is Required to Join the 6 Figure Auto Dealer Mastermind?

 To build a self-sustaining auto business in 6 months, you will need:

  • A budget of at least $15,000
  • 8 hours a week to grow your business
  • A Strategy Session phone call with me



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