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Here are the Sales Challenge details ...

  • You must be a licensed dealer!
  • You must have DealerCenter DMS. To get a 90-day free trial go to
  • The challenge starts July 15th, 2022 and ends August 14th, 2022!
  • In 30 days from July to August, I challenge all licensed dealers to Buy 2 Cars and Sell 2 Cars. If you already sell more than 2 cars a month consistently, this challenge is not for you.

  • The purpose of the challenge is to push you to maintain momentum in your business as well as increase your sales and your profits!

    Any combination of buying and selling qualifies. You can...

    *Buy one, sell one, buy another, sell another

    *Sell two then Buy two

    *Sell one, buy one, sell another, buy another

    etc...just as long as by Sunday, August 14th at 6 pm est you have bought and sold at least 2 vehicles.

    There are 4 possible points to earn. The person/dealership to receive all 4 points will win a prize. 

  • If there is more than one person/dealership with 4 points, we will consider other factors to determine the winner. Those factors are time and profit. So if you buy and sell 2 cars, fast and with high profits, chances are you will be the first prize winner!

  • You will be required to submit proof of sales and purchases directly from DealerCenter to win.
  • Get the help you need!

    Attend the weekly strategy sessions offered to Six Figure Dealer Club members for help to buy right, quickly recon within budget, market and sell fast and for high profits.

    So let's have some fun and make some money at the same time ☺️

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