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Who is Shamel Leonard?

In 2012, Shamel Leonard became a licensed used car dealer. She has sold hundreds of vehicles and has helped new and veteran auto dealers earn collectively hundreds of thousands of dollars selling cars by automating and systemizing their auto business.

Anybody looking to up his or her auto dealer game needs systems & automation. Her quotes to live on as hard rules for creating the best life as an auto dealer:

  •  “Work smarter not harder.”
  •  “An even trade is no robbery and an even swap is no swindle.”
  •  “Do it how you want to do it even if it seems impossible.”


Why Schedule a Strategy Session?

 Are you overwelmed as an Auto Dealer?

Do you need a plan to make money as an Auto Dealer?

Do you have special circumstances you want to turn into assets to be a successful auto dealer?

Are you newly licensed and want to know where to start?

These are just some of the reasons over 200 auto dealers and aspiring auto dealers have scheduled a strategy session.

If you need strategy on how to spend your money and your time as an auto dealer, schedule a session today!


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