Building my Dealership with a Little Money

car lot dealership startup Feb 15, 2022

Hey CEOs!

Building a dealership or car lot on a budget requires a strategy that includes planning for a balanced lifestyle as well as a healthy profitable business.
In opening this new location, I have had some challenges. I now know that challenges are there to highlight what is being ignored. In this case, I was ignoring my fears of opening a new location.
Because the last time I had a car lot, life was not ideal. I worked too much. I did not take care of myself and things fell apart.
So this time, I need to support the areas in my life that are likely to be neglected with the extra attention on the new location.
On the business side, I was also ignoring some facts about profitability. Before I open this new location, I need to know my break-even point, my fixed costs, and my profit per car. 
I need to identify the team I need in place to sell the minimum number of cars to break even and the other systems needed like customer service, marketing, and inventory on demand.
I break it all down in this video. If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]
If you are ready to move forward, you can Schedule a Strategy Session at
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