How to Provide a Buying Service to Build Capital

operations sales startup Mar 26, 2022

Hey CEOs!

Are you thinking about offering a buying service to broker vehicles directly to a buyer from the auction?

During the weekly training for auto dealers provided by the Auto Dealer Business School, I tell my story of my experience with adding a buying service and what I learned about best practices.

These tips will help you put together a successful buying service to increase used car sales.

In this video, you will learn...

  • What to do if you have a buyer
  • How to protect yourself and your customer
  • What you need to know for an easy and profitable process

Here is a summary of the Auto Broker/ Buying Service process from the video.

  1. Taking Buyers to the auction 6:00 
  2. Contract 7:45 
  3. Deposit 10:00 
  4. Expectations 11:30 
  5. Inspecting Vehicles 12:00

After watching the video, if you want to learn more about a buying service and get assistance, register for the FREE Online Workshop How to Buy and Sell your First 5 Cars at

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How to SELL your First 5 Cars ... as a licensed dealer

startup Mar 17, 2022

Hey CEOs!

This video walks you through the sales process for used cars. Lots of people get stuck in reconditioning and in marketing the car with pricing, pictures and a description that sells.

The sales process starts in the purchase process. Check out the purchase video for more details here:

From the purchase process, you take the diagnostic report that was created to evaluate the vehicle for purchase and hand over to the recon process which includes the mechanic completing the repairs for the reconditioning process.

Here is a complete overview of the sales process...

Reconditioning Phase

  • Recon budget
  • Mechanic for repairs
  • Detailer for cleaning

Sales Phase

  • Market Vehicle for Sale
  • Testdrive with potential buyer
  • Comlete Sales Paperwork
  • Followup with new customer
  • Organize files and file title work

For a more detailed explanation, check out the video below AND sign up for the free workshop How to Buy and Sell your First 5 Cars at ...

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How to Buy your First 5 Cars as a licensed used car dealer

startup Mar 12, 2022

Hey CEOs!

Are you stuck at purchasing inventory to resale? In this video, I will walk you through how to Buy your first 5 cars.

It starts in the licensing process. After getting licensed, to be able to buy and sell used cars to the public, you need …

  1. Dealer Tags
  2. Register with ETR (Electronic Title Registration)
  3. Capital - enough to buy inventory

Next, you need to determine where are you buying? Most auto dealers purchase inventory from the same places and in the same way. Some places you will most likely acquire inventory are...

  • Auctions - Wholesale dealer or other auctions
  • From people by direct purchase or tradein

Now it's extremely important to identify your Parameters such as...

  • Your Market - Who is your customer and what do they buy?
  • Your Budget for Inventory 

Next, establish an Inspection process to determine what’s up with this car. What needs to be fixed before selling to a customer.

From this inspection process, you will decide on...

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How to Sell Used Cars to Make a Living

scale startup Mar 07, 2022

Hey CEOs!

To make a living selling used cars, you need to first be intentional about making a living selling used cars.

You must plan to make a living selling used cars. After you make it mandatory to make a living in your business, you then need to...

  • Put a number to making a living. How much do you want/need to earn?
  • Calculate how many cars you need to sell to pay yourself that much. Include your overhead too.
  • Decide who you need on your team to sell that number of vehicles

and then execute the plan. The plan is to...

  • Buy the inventory to met the minimum number of sales needed
  • Delegate to the people on the team the tasks that help to sell the cars
  • Sell!
  • Systemize!!!

Watch the video below to learn more about making a living selling used cars.

Also, be sure to also sign up for the free online workshop "How to Buy and Sell your First 5 Cars"

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Should You Open a Dealership in 2022?

startup Feb 21, 2022

Hey CEOs!!!

With all the supply chain issues and inventory challenges, I’m sure opening a dealership right now doesn’t sound like a smart investment.

Well, in times like these, millionaires are made. 

It's true that there are challenges with finding inventory. It's also true that these challenges will eliminate much of the competition and the ones who persevere will reap great rewards. Times are changing so business also much change!

Opening a dealership and getting a retail dealer license are one in the same. To take a calculated risk to open a used car dealership, you will need...

  • a plan detailing a strategy for your dealership to be successful
  • indicators to know when things aren't going well
  • a plan to pivot when things aren't going well
  • a plan to get out if all else fails.

If you are ready to move forward with opening your dealership schedule a strategy session for your grand opening plan. You can schedule online at

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Building my Dealership with a Little Money

car lot dealership startup Feb 16, 2022

Hey CEOs!

Building a dealership or car lot on a budget requires a strategy that includes planning for a balanced lifestyle as well as a healthy profitable business.
In opening this new location, I have had some challenges. I now know that challenges are there to highlight what is being ignored. In this case, I was ignoring my fears of opening a new location.
Because the last time I had a car lot, life was not ideal. I worked too much. I did not take care of myself and things fell apart.
So this time, I need to support the areas in my life that are likely to be neglected with the extra attention on the new location.
On the business side, I was also ignoring some facts about profitability. Before I open this new location, I need to know my break-even point, my fixed costs, and my profit per car. 
I need to identify the team I need in place to sell the minimum number of cars to break even and the other systems needed like customer...
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How to Take Flipping Cars to the Next Level

flipping cars startup Feb 05, 2022

Hey CEOs!

This week's training is for the car flippers who are tired of the hustle and inconsistency in sales.

The ones who want to systemize and legitimize to make more money and benefit from owning a business while avoiding the risks.

If you currently flip cars and are wondering how to turn this hobby into a six-figure + business with the added perks of a licensed dealer, watch the video below for the Step by Step for Car Flippers to become six-figure auto dealers.

In this video, I show you ...

  • How to calculate how much money you need
  • How to get licensed and
  • How to run a used car sales business earning 6 figures plus!

Also in the video, I mention a few resources to help you move to the next level. You can....

Download Startup Costs to Open a Dealership
Schedule a Strategy Session to Move to the Next Level
Get Licensed fast with Drama Free Licensing®
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How to Get a Dealer License without a Car Lot

startup Jan 24, 2022

Hey CEOs!

Business is risky. This is a fact. For a small business to survive, it's important to keep operating costs low.

So how can you start a dealership and have low operating costs? You can start with an affordable location.

Another fact is that your location is a big expense in your operating budget. So it's important to be smart and strategic while also being compliant to obtain and keep your used car dealer license.

In this How to get a dealer license without a car lot video, I break down how you can open a dealership with a startup location that is friendly to your budget and will allow you to complete the licensing process without burning through too much of your start-up capital.

Also, if your operating costs are low, your breakeven point will also be low and your chances of being profitable will be high.

You can check out the video here...

The Auto Dealer Business School holds free live training every week for auto dealers. For details on how to join, text live to...

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Who Should Get a Dealer License and Why?

startup Jan 14, 2022

Hey CEOs!

The goal for the Auto Dealer Business School is to open, to profitability, at least 100 retail used car dealerships in the US this year.

We are looking for people who...

  • want to open a dealership and may not know it yet,
  • have been thinking and dreaming about opening a dealership for some time now
  • have gotten licensed and now want to be profitable.

Allow me to start by clearing up a few misconceptions about being a licensed dealer.

  1. Every licensed dealer does have a brick-and-mortar location properly zoned for used car sales.
  2. Not every licensed dealer has a huge dealership location or even wants one. You can start small.
  3. There are certain people who get a dealer license because it makes sense for the overall financial independence plan.
  4. Not everyone who has a used car dealer license loves cars.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to work with many different kinds of people from varying backgrounds who have had the desire to either get licensed to open a...

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Open Your Car Lot in 3 Months with these 5 Things

business plan startup Nov 18, 2020

Open your car lot, your dealership in 3 months with these 5 things...

  • A Budget for your Car Lot
  • An approved dealers license
  • Cash Car Inventory
  • Business Operations
  • The Right Mindset

If you need help putting together your business plan for your dealership, you can schedule a strategy session with the Auto Dealer Business School. 

The calendar is online at

Wishing you Success!

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