Should You Open a Dealership in 2022?

startup Feb 21, 2022

Hey CEOs!!!

With all the supply chain issues and inventory challenges, I’m sure opening a dealership right now doesn’t sound like a smart investment.

Well, in times like these, millionaires are made. 

It's true that there are challenges with finding inventory. It's also true that these challenges will eliminate much of the competition and the ones who persevere will reap great rewards. Times are changing so business also much change!

Opening a dealership and getting a retail dealer license are one in the same. To take a calculated risk to open a used car dealership, you will need...

  • a plan detailing a strategy for your dealership to be successful
  • indicators to know when things aren't going well
  • a plan to pivot when things aren't going well
  • a plan to get out if all else fails.

If you are ready to move forward with opening your dealership schedule a strategy session for your grand opening plan. You can schedule online at


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