How to Sell Used Cars to Make a Living

scale startup Mar 06, 2022

Hey CEOs!

To make a living selling used cars, you need to first be intentional about making a living selling used cars.

You must plan to make a living selling used cars. After you make it mandatory to make a living in your business, you then need to...

  • Put a number to making a living. How much do you want/need to earn?
  • Calculate how many cars you need to sell to pay yourself that much. Include your overhead too.
  • Decide who you need on your team to sell that number of vehicles

and then execute the plan. The plan is to...

  • Buy the inventory to met the minimum number of sales needed
  • Delegate to the people on the team the tasks that help to sell the cars
  • Sell!
  • Systemize!!!

Watch the video below to learn more about making a living selling used cars.

Also, be sure to also sign up for the free online workshop "How to Buy and Sell your First 5 Cars"


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