How to SELL your First 5 Cars ... as a licensed dealer

startup Mar 16, 2022

Hey CEOs!

This video walks you through the sales process for used cars. Lots of people get stuck in reconditioning and in marketing the car with pricing, pictures and a description that sells.

The sales process starts in the purchase process. Check out the purchase video for more details here:

From the purchase process, you take the diagnostic report that was created to evaluate the vehicle for purchase and hand over to the recon process which includes the mechanic completing the repairs for the reconditioning process.

Here is a complete overview of the sales process...

Reconditioning Phase

  • Recon budget
  • Mechanic for repairs
  • Detailer for cleaning

Sales Phase

  • Market Vehicle for Sale
  • Testdrive with potential buyer
  • Comlete Sales Paperwork
  • Followup with new customer
  • Organize files and file title work

For a more detailed explanation, check out the video below AND sign up for the free workshop How to Buy and Sell your First 5 Cars at

 See you in the workshop!


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