Every Licensed Retail Dealer Needs to Follow this Rule

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If you're a licensed dealer, you handle sensitive customer information. it's important to be aware of the Federal Trade Commission's Safeguard Rule. This rule sets standards for protecting customer information and can help prevent data breaches and identity theft.

Key Objectives of the Safeguard Rule:

  1. Protecting Consumer Data: The primary objective of the Safeguard Rule is to protect the privacy and security of consumer data. It requires businesses to establish policies and procedures to safeguard sensitive information, such as social security numbers, bank account details, and credit card information, from unauthorized access and misuse.

  2. Preventing Data Breaches: The rule aims to minimize the risk of data breaches by ensuring that businesses have robust security measures in place. This includes implementing secure data storage systems, encrypting sensitive information, and regularly monitoring and testing the effectiveness of their security...

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My Thoughts on V12: Dealer Website Review

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V12 Software helps dealers sell cars.
V12Software is a leading automotive marketing platform that offers thousands of both used and new car dealers a platform that helps them advertise their cars and dealerships everywhere online.

V12 Software has great looking websites designed to turn traffic into sales.

Every V12 Account comes fully loaded with:
Mobile-First Website
Mobile-Friendly & SEO Enhanced!

Smart CRM
Manage leads the easy way with recorded calls.

Instant Messaging
Connect with in-market shoppers on the spot.

FBMP Auto Poster
Our app will post your vehicles on FBMP so you don’t have to.

Monitor reviews from one platform.

Social Automation
Post on all social media automatically.

Mobile App
The first web-based multi-platform mobile app.

Craigslist Auto Poster
Smarter Craigslist Auto Poster on the planet.

For 60 Days Free of V12 Software (buy one month, get 2 for free), go to https://signup.v12software.com/login (For the...

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