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I believe anyone can create an auto sales empire with the right guidance. I created the world's only Auto Dealer Business School to help licensed auto dealers and aspiring auto dealers to learn the business and find success.


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What Happened

This is my destiny... to support Auto Dealers to make more money and work smarter. 

In 2006, I met a dealer and marketed his cars online to help him sell more. Then I started buying cars on Craigslist. Frustrated with the challenges of Craigslist cars, I became a licensed dealer. It took 3 years to build up a location with staff, vacation time and a steady paycheck. 

Unfortunately, right when it started getting good, my marriage fell apart. I wasn't sure what to do next or about my purpose in life.

I met a guy who wanted to become an auto dealer and with my help and training, he made $99,000 in 6 months selling cars.

I give all my students and clients the exact strategies he used to be successful!


Businesses are hard to grow, especially if you don't have tons of money to soften the blow of mistakes. My first dealership struggled to get off the ground. It cost a lot in time and relationships. 

I started the Auto Dealer Business School to help people with a small budget grow their dealership with the security of knowing a mentor can show them how to avoid the money pits. You change the game when you can rise above and see what to expect. 

When I was building my dealership, I wished for someone I could trust to tell me what to do to build a business I could manage like a business and not like a job. 

What I needed, I give to you!

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