Million Dollar Dealer Club

Improve the sales process to have more confidence, profit, and growth! 

The Million Dollar Dealer Club solves the urgent issues preventing sales for anyone buying and selling used cars.

Starting with the beginning of your sales process by buying the right cars for the final sale to a happy customer, this program is your tool for smooth sales!

Maybe you are just starting out, have a “day job” while you build on the side or you are a representative for a licensed dealer. If you need an influx of sales or the know-how to be confident in this business, check out what this program offers.

Million Dollar Dealer Club

Provides tools to increase profit per car, sell cars quickly, and earn more profit to grow your business.

Do you feel you aren’t making enough money on your car sales? 

Are you dreading selling the car because of the test drive and negotiation part? 

Are you unsure of how to price your cars? 

Do you feel like you need some basic tools to run your business?


Million Dollar Dealer Club will help you to…

1. Understand how the used car auction works

Make sure you don’t get burned. Get the most out of each and every visit to the auction.

2. Help you pick better cars

Don't lose money on car sales. Pick the cars with the most profit.

3. Recondition the cars to feel confident with the sale. 

Maximize your profit. Price your cars with confidence.

4. Strategies to sell your vehicles faster online and for more money.

Million Dollar Dealer Club is delivered through self-study video lessons for you to review on your own schedule. 

Also included..

  • Great Place to Get Inventory
  • Tools to help you efficiently run your business

All for an investment of only...

$295 a month. Cancel anytime.

You get immediate access to the program.

 What would happen if you don’t get help?

If you don’t get the Million Dollar Dealer Club, you may continue to buy the wrong cars...and if you continue to make a small profit or even lose money, you won’t have the fuel needed for your business to survive.

About the Creator of Million Dollar Dealer Club (Shamel Leonard)

I founded the Auto Dealer Business School to give access to the insider secrets that lead to success in buying and selling profitable cars. In my 9 years of selling cars as an auto dealer, I have seen and tried it all. If you don’t have a proven plan, you too will try lots of different strategies. I am here to shorten your learning curve.

Sales is the blood of every business. So increase your sales and increase your chances for success!

Million Dollar Dealer Club is the answer to drastically improving your sales!

If you have questions, feel free to email [email protected].


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