How to Buy & Sell Your First 5 Cars

This FREE Online workshop for licensed and soon to be licensed auto dealers will give you the plan to make six figures in 12 months or less selling used cars to happy customers!

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Used Car Business

The path to one million dollars selling used cars starts with selling the first car. Then hitting six figures and taking what works to a million dollars!!!

No matter your income goals, six figures is needed to operate your business independent of you and to pay yourself a living wage.

Auto brokers, exporters, retail and wholesale dealers all need systems to operate and maximize profit. This workshop shows you what it takes!

The Purchase & Sales Process

I'm talking about the best cars to buy and the best ways to sell.

Tools & Tech Needed

Learn what runs your business behind the scenes to support easy and quick car sales.

How to make six figures selling cars in 12 Months!

The step by step process to profit at least $6 figures in a year selling used cars.

How to Grow Operations to $1Million

Get the operations plan for $1M in sales and profit!

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How to Buy and Sell your First 5 Cars

Hosted by Shamel Leonard, Licensed Auto Dealer & Mentor

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