Who Should Get a Dealer License and Why?

startup Jan 14, 2022

Hey CEOs!

The goal for the Auto Dealer Business School is to open, to profitability, at least 100 retail used car dealerships in the US this year.

We are looking for people who...

  • want to open a dealership and may not know it yet,
  • have been thinking and dreaming about opening a dealership for some time now
  • have gotten licensed and now want to be profitable.

Allow me to start by clearing up a few misconceptions about being a licensed dealer.

  1. Every licensed dealer does have a brick-and-mortar location properly zoned for used car sales.
  2. Not every licensed dealer has a huge dealership location or even wants one. You can start small.
  3. There are certain people who get a dealer license because it makes sense for the overall financial independence plan.
  4. Not everyone who has a used car dealer license loves cars.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to work with many different kinds of people from varying backgrounds who have had the desire to either get licensed to open a dealership or just get licensed to benefit their financial plans for the future.

Below, I share with you the different types of people, their advantages and disadvantages in the used car business, and how they can benefit.

  • Car Sales People
  • Mechanics
  • Commercial real estate investors
  • Car Flippers
  • Military and Ex Military
  • Turo Entrepreneurs
  • Franchise dealers
  • Corporate exec

If you want some assistance getting your license, I invite you to check out the Drama Free Licensing® program.


Also, If you would like a strategy session about the plan to open your dealership, you can schedule online at www.autodealerbschool.as.me



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